Roger Kanne

Robert R. Foos Jr.

"Ben's investigative and expert analytical services involving cellular phone transmission locations immediately prior to a collision between a commercial and passenger vehicle were instrumental in successfully defending an embattled family trucking company faced with significant financial exposure in a child wrongful death case. I have Ben on speed dial and won't hesitate using his expertise in the future." 

Zeigler Cohen & Coch, Partner, 317-844-5200
"I have added Ben Bierce to my rapid response team because he adds value and depth to any liability investigation. When potential damages are in the millions of dollars it only makes sense to collect and decipher all the information available to determine the potential causes of a crash. Often times litigants and their attorneys will overlook their smartphones as potential information sources on everything from a history of GPS locations, to whether or not someone was actively on a phone call, website, text message or other connection at the time of an accident. Ben’s experience and understanding of where this information is stored, how to go about preserving it, and how to decipher it once it has been obtained can be pivotal. I would strongly suggest retaining a forensic technician as a part of any expert witness team."

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