1. Location Analysis
    Where was a suspect at the time of the crime? Did a parent take the children out of state against a custody order? Cell phone records and smart phone GPS data can find out. If you would like to know the whereabouts of a phone, Bierce Associates can help.
  2. Time Analysis
    Was the phone active at the time of an incident, such as a crash? Cell phone records and mobile device forensics can find out. Bierce Associates can analyze phone data and compare it to other information such as crash reports and 911 recordings to determine to the second when a phone was active.
  3. Calls Analysis
    Who does a person call the most? Does a person talk with someone he or she shouldn't? Cell phone records and mobile device data can find out. Bierce Associates can analyze phone data to find out if two or more people communicate, and the strength of their relationship compared to friends or family.
  4. Incident Response
    The trucking company you represent has just had an accident. The driver's phone might be considered business records. In the time before a case is filed the driver may get a new phone and the original data would be lost. Bierce Associates can respond to the scene to preserve the data on the spot.
  5. Cell Phone Forensics
    What's on the phone? Bierce Associates can use forensically sound techniques and tools to recover information such as call & text logs, email & text messages, audio & voicemail, photos & videos, usernames & passwords, a timeline of events, and much more. We've even had success recovering deleted data.
  6. Expert Witness Testimony
    Bierce Associates is proven in court. Bierce has testified in 28 trials. Bierce Associates can present complicated information in a way easily understood by juries using presentations that keep juries' attention.