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Litigation Support Services
Bierce Associates provides attorneys litigation support services in cell phone record analysis and mobile device forensics. Our clients include civil attorneys, both defense and plaintiff, police departments, prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, and insurance companies. Our staff of experts helps you leverage the information you need for a favorable court outcome, or to mitigate risk and financial impact.
Proven Experience
Bierce has analyzed over 1,100 individual sets of phone records and over 100 mobile devices in more than 350 criminal and civil cases. Bierce has testified in 28 trials as an expert witness.

Two Types of Cell Phone Evidence

Two ways to obtain evidence from cell phones are from the records from the cell phone company and from the device itself. Cell phone record analysis is the process of analyzing the cell phone records, and mobile device forensics is the process of acquiring digital evidence from the phone itself.
Cell Phone Record Analysis
Moble Device Forensics
Cell phone record analysis is the process of analyzing the cell phone records from the cell phone company. Some examples information available from the cell phone records are call logs, text logs, and cell site or tower locations and sectors.
Mobile device forensics is the process of using forensically sound processes and tools to acquire digital evidence from mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and GPS devices. Some examples of information available from mobile devices are text and email messages (content), precise locations, images, videos, voicemail messages, and application data.
Relevant Now
There are more active cell phones than people in the United States. Cell phone records are an increasingly crucial component of litigation. However, to use this evidence effectively, it is important to preserve and obtain the best information. That's where Bierce Associates comes in.

Bierce Associates can provide preservation letters with the language the phone companies want to see. We can also assist in the drafting of subpoenas, court orders, and search warrants to ensure the best information is obtained and the likelihood of suppression is minimized.